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7 Types of Viral Marketing Strategies That Every Online Marketer Should Know

7 Types of Viral Marketing Strategies That Every Online Marketer Should Know

By: Mr. seo strategies and techniques Philippines

Viral marketing is now one of the most popular strategies in the world of internet marketing. This kind of marketing strategy has proven to be effective because it easily catches the attention of internet users.

A very interesting and entertaining way of sharing contents that can really spread like an actual “virus”. It can reach out to thousands even millions of audience because the viral content can spread from one group of people to several communities in just a short period of time.

Today, viral marketing has become the most popular methods used by online marketers. In just one viral content with the right link, one website can definitely increase its online exposure. This kind of strategy works like the traditional networking technique that uses an old pyramid scheme to attract more audience.

Now, there are various types’ viral marketing strategies that you can use for your specific marketing needs.

  1. You can use funny video clip or maybe a tricky video that you can pass from one web surfer to another. Most internet users like to share the things that catch their attention to their friends or followers. Give something to your audience that’s interesting so they will also pass it along to their friends.
  2. You can use the rewards or incentive method to your visitors. Free downloads or some promotional contest are great ways to make your followers share your website with others. You can easily ask them to share your website in exchange for rewards and freebies. This kind of viral marketing method is very effective for consumers who are always on a lookout for freebies.
  3. Another great way to be viral online is through Gossip. In this method, you can pass along some controversial news or information that can turn into a viral content which internet users usually shared. The viral information can be easily spread then help increase website traffic. By providing a little controversy about someone famous or something popular, you can produce a huge traffic to your website.
  4. Online forums and chat rooms can also be used to develop a huge network of referrals. The people using these services will encourage their friends to join them. As the popularity of your website grows so will your traffic. Though difficult to set-up such a site it will produce dividends.
  5. Using web-based forms. Whenever you are prompted by a website to send a link or article to a friend you are using one of the methods of viral marketing. When you click on such a link you are generally presented with some kind of Web form. Filling out the form generates an e-mail which is sent to your friend who hopefully will pass it on to others.
  6. Email is one of the simplest methods of viral marketing and this can be through an advertisement or article sent to the people on your mailing list. This can result in the forwarding of your content or link to others viral marketing occurs.
  7. Providing blogs is a great way creating an effective viral marketing campaign. Information or links on a blog will often be copied to other blogs. With the growing number of blogs on the Internet your reach thousands and thousands of users in just a matter of time.

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Whichever method you use for your viral marketing campaign, each approach will work best if you used them effectively. The best part of using viral marketing strategy is the thought of making a popular campaign out of a viral content.